Worry-free eating

I have struggled with heartburn most of my life and this product has completely changed how I feel. I no longer have to worry about what the day will bring me after eating. I highly recommend Omeprazole Orally Disintegrating Tablets.
- Anna

Tastes great and dissolves quickly

Omeprazole Orally Disintegrating Tablets tasted great and worked just like Prilosec OTC. I especially loved how quickly they dissolved. They are officially my go-to for heartburn treatment.
- Dave

Couch Madness

Nick's Story

"The fact that it costs less than other brands is a really important factor for me, but the best part is that it works."

Block Heartburn During Football Season

Coach Rick's Story

"The first time I ever took Omeprazole ODT, it was absolutely fabulous. It dissolved in my mouth, it tasted great… it tasted like strawberry!"

Treating Heartburn During The Holidays

Julie's Story

"Omeprazole ODT has been a life-changer. I started taking it in the morning and it treats my symptoms all day and all night."

Tailgating Season

Kita's Story

"I just pop one strawberry tablet in my mouth. No rushing around trying to find a glass of water, no struggling to swallow a pill. It’s just so easy."

Ask the Chef

Chef Dennis's Story

"Omeprazole dissolving tablet takes care of my heartburn so I can focus on what I really love – good food and good friends."

Dinner Party

Heartburn Success Stories

"I’m sick of taking pills, and the convenience of this dissolvable tablet makes life much easier."